The wheels on the bus go round and round….

You may recall the old school song, “the wheels on the bus”…it seems to fit my to-date cannonball experience to a tee.   Before I explain, let me talk briefly about the operational elements of how the cannonball works.  Each morning riders leave with a set of printed course instructions that are turn by turn for the entire day.  They have a start time and an arrival time prescribed for the class they participate in (based on motorcycle type).  A rider does his best to keep his machine operational during the ride, but if for whatever reason he falls behind or breaks, there are sweep trucks with trailers that pick up that riders machine and notates the miles traveled for that days score.

Now the bus…

A small converted short bus also follows those sweep trailers.  The bus in lovingly named “The Bus of Shame”…since any rider falling dramatically behind or with a broken machine is relegated to ride said bus for the remainder of the day.  It can be a long, agonizing trip if you retire early in a days effort.  Additionally, a tradition has been established that as a rider enters the bus he/she gets lovingly jeered and has to “sign” the bus roof with name, number and other information (sometimes censored) of the riders choosing.  It is rumored that rider Doug Wothke started this tradition sometime during the 2014 cannonball, continuing on to this day.

Even though I’ve bee accumulating miles/score each day, I have only completed one “full score” (riding all miles to the finish).  So I have become quite familiar with the “Bus of Shame”…unfortunately the wheels on the bus do go round and round!

Lastly, it is very difficult during this craziness to find the time to write extensive blog posts…to get daily information on the happenings of TEAM #103, use the following facebook link to follow the action more “real time”.  I’ll catch up on the blogging as time allows.  Thanks to all who support us in our ride for Autism Awareness!



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