Motorcycle Cannonball 2016 route

CB 2016 route

This is the route for the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball. In working on this route,we have tried to fulfill several criteria:

A coast-to-coast route across the United States. We start the run in Atlantic City, New Jersey. We finish the run after about 3,400 miles, in San Diego, California.

Approximately a two-week schedule. We start on the 10th in Atlantic City, and finish in San Diego two weeks later on Sunday. The route is 17 days total, 16 days on the road, and one rest day which is yet to be determined. The day off is on a Friday, a week after the start, a weekday when shops are open. The two days before the start in Atlantic City we will have registration, vehicle inspection, an optional practice run, a short class room session, and a hosted welcome reception.

Most days 300 miles or shorter. Our goal was for all days to be at most 300 miles, but in some areas there just aren’t enough cities at appropriate locations with sufficient hotel rooms for a group our size. One day is longer, after the rest day. The typical schedule for a 300 mile day ,assuming the motorcycle maintains 45 mph on straight flat roads, will be an 8:00 am start and a 5:00 pm finish, for a total of 9 hours on the road. This schedule includes a 45 minute lunch break ,and three 15 minute refueling breaks. Time will also be set aside for viewing scenic and historic sites.

Short days for the Start and Finish. The first and last days will each be the shortest days, with a late morning start in Atlantic City, and a mid-afternoon grand finish in San Diego.

A scenic route. The run will start near the historic board walk in Atlantic City, on the east coast of New Jersey. Atlantic City is rich in American history and will be a fitting Official Start. The route will then take us through New Jersey and across the Delaware River. In Pennsylvania we will travel across the southern region through Gettysburg. Crossing the Appalachian Mountains in northern West Virginia. After riding through Ohio and Indiana we will cross the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Crossing the Ozarks in Missouri will bring us to the wide-open plains of Kansas. Our riders will meet the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains at Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Crossing the Continental Divide at Wolf Creek Pass at an elevation of 10,856 feet. The entire route through Colorado promises to be spectacular.

Entering Arizona through the Four Corners region riders will make their way to an overnight stay on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. As we leave the edge of the canyon we will travel out into the desert and into Southern California. Traveling through Joshua Tree National park and around the Salton Sea riders will make their way to the Grand Finish in San Diego, California.

Avoid Interstate highways. There are a few places where the interstate is the only road available. We have avoided most of those places, so the total distance traveled on interstate highways will be less than 100 miles. That occurs mostly in the west with a small amount of interstate across the Delaware River. All roads are paved.

Receptions. Aside from the welcome banquet in Atlantic City,we have plans for several stops at motorcycle dealers including hosted receptions, and a few city hosted events, and several hosted lunch stops. There will also be a farewell dinner after the finish in Carlsbad.


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